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XV HD All Purpose FB/TE/LB/OL/DL Pad
179.00 € (149.17 € outside the EU)

Color and size available:

Schutt XV HD All Purpose FB/TE/LB/OL/DL Pad
With pro-level features and a design made for high school players, the Schutt XV HD Adult Football Shoulder Pads - All Purpose are the latest in Schutt's popular XV line. A newly-designed, high-performance ...arch minimizes the weight and still delivers the same impact zone protection. The pads include a higher density EVA foam that allows heat and sweat to escape, keeping your body cool and allowing you to perform at a high level. The epaulets and caps are positioned and sized to eliminate grab points and allow a maximum range of motion. The clavicle channel system protects your shoulders and absorbs impact around the AC joint. Recommended for linebackers, fullbacks, tight ends and lineman, these pads are ideal for those who do the dirty work on both sides of the ball. They feature a longer cut to accommodate various positions on the field, while providing maximum coverage and comfort. Tactical Arch DesignEngineered for maximum range of motionMinimizes weight and retains the same hitting zone protectionHeat Moisture ManagementPerforate, high-density EVA foam throughout the body cushion lets heat escape and sweat evaporate and your body to cool naturallyVentilated arch with raised corrugation and 7 mm vent holes prevent overheatingMulti-Axis air flow to provide maximum breathabilityClavicle Channel SystemAbsorbs impact specifically around the AC jointMaximum shoulder protectionHook and loop pad attachments can be moved or taken out for customizable fitVersatile pads with a longer cut for maximum comfort and protection no matter which side of the ball you're onFlat pad designBIOTHANE belt for secure fit without affecting the shape of the archRemovable deltoid and scapular padsStainless steel hardwareRemovable body for easy hand washing
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