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Atec R3 Baseball Training Machine

Atec/R3 Baseball Training Machine 3499.00 € (2,915.83 € outside EU)

Delivery time: 6 to 8 weeks

The R3 WTATMR3BC is used by Major League teams to develop and strengthen their player's defensive skills. Formerly called the Power Hummer, the R3 throws 10 balls per minute, giving you the ability to execute hundreds of ground balls, line drives, fly balls and pop-ups in a single practice. Equipped with the industry's lowest recovery time of 6 seconds, the R3 is extremely efficient. Incorporating either of ATEC's R-Series machines into your practice increases the practice's efficiency by eliminating the possibility of errant fungo hits. The R3 is built to perform all Major League level defensive drills, including vertical pop-ups to catchers and sending balls from home plate to the fence to help outfielders improve playing balls at the warning track and off the wall.

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