Riddell SPK+ All Purpose - 2024 - Football Shouder pads LB-RB-DB-FB
Riddell SPK+ All Purpose - 2024 - Football Shouder pads LB-RB-DB-FB

Riddell SPK+ All Purpose - 2024 - Football Shouder pads LB-RB-DB-FB

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The Riddell Power SPK+ Football Shoulder Pads - Skilled 2024 offer top-notch protection with the STAC shoulder system and RipKord technology for quick removal in emergencies. The design promotes arm mobility, and the reinforced back plate...

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Introducing the latest innovation for 2024, the Riddell Power SPK+ Adult Football Shoulder Pads - Skilled edition. Designed specifically for skill players, these shoulder pads offer unparalleled protection and performance on the field.

Sporting a fresh new white and purple colorway, these pads not only catch the eye but also deliver all the features that players have come to rely on from the SPK+ line.

Equipped with the advanced STAC Shoulder System, these pads boast a cap and epaulet combination that enhances mobility while providing superior AC joint protection. Additionally, the inclusion of Riddell's Ripkord Technology ensures quick and easy detachment of the pads, facilitating swift medical attention in case of injury.

For added customization and comfort, these pads come with removable and adjustable clavicle pads, Biothane belts, and durable stainless steel hardware. With a short arch design, smaller deltoid pad, and convenient screw-on back plate, these pads are tailored to meet the unique needs of skill players, allowing them to perform at their best with confidence and security. 

The all-purpose pads have a mid-length arch, standard deltoid pads and a riveted back plate for more lower back. Recommended Positions: LB-RB-DB-FB

  • Integrated RipKord™ Technology
  • Stac-Shoulder System
  • Back Plate Included
  • Swivel Fronts
  • Biothane® STAC Straps & Belts
  • Flat Pad Design
  • Air Management Liner System
  • Recommended Positions: Line Backer, Running Back, Defensive Back, Full Back


  Riddell ADULTS Shoulder Pads Sizing Guide

SHOULDER WIDTH - Using a tape measure, measure across the shoulders from one end to the other.

CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE - Measure around the circumference of the chest approximately 1" below the armpit.


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