Xenith Pro Lineman Football Shoulder Pads
Xenith Pro Lineman Football Shoulder Pads

Xenith Pro Lineman Football Shoulder Pads

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The Lineman pad's full-size, contoured chest plate is designed to deliver maximum range-of-motion for optimal arm and hand positioning, while maintaining protection in the trenches. If you're a pulling guard squaring up an outside linebacker,...

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Xenith Pro Lineman Football Shoulder Pads is designed for Offensive and Defensive Lineman. 

PRO-LEVEL DESIGN: Xenith Pro’s air management system provides time-trusted energy management in a low-profile design tuned specifically for the highest level of play. Adjustable channel pads allow for an improved customizable fit, added comfort, and increased protection.

UNMATCHED STYLE & COMFORT: Quick-change body padding is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance, while comfort-lined arches improve look and feel. Blacked out hardware gives Xenith Pro shoulder pads a modern, futuristic appearance.

CUSTOMIZED PERFORMANCE: Position specific designs for customized performance. Xenith Pro’s compression molded arches are cut to optimize range of motion needs for specific position groups. If you're a defensive end who often drops into coverage, or a running back tasked with blocking d-linemen and catching a wheel route down the sideline, Xenith Pro shoulder pads deliver unbeatable versatility on both sides of the ball.

  • Fit style: Maximum Protection In Low-Profile, High Range Of Motion Designs
  • Padding material: Air management foam.
  • Coverage: Full length, full chest width.
  • Removable front deltoid pads: Yes.
  • Removable padding: Body padding is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance
  • Player type: Ideal for Offensive and Defensive Lineman

Sizing Guide

  1. Large: 18-19 Inches
  2. X-Large: 19-20 Inches
  3. 2X-Large: 20-21 Inches
  4. 3X-Large: 21-22 Inches



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