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Shockskin Wrist Guard

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The Shock Doctor 804 Ultra ShockSkin Wrist Guard sets a new standard in wrist protection for baseball and softball players, offering a combination of flexibility, breathability, and superior protection making it an essential piece of equipment...

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The Ultimate wrist protection flexible, breathable and protective The Shock Doctor 804 Ultra Shockskin Wrist Guard provides lightweight wrist protection for baseball and softball players. Unlike other protective wrist guards, the Ultra ShockSkin Wrist Guard flexes and moves with the shape of your wrist to provide unrestricted movement while keeping you protected. Integrated Shockskin vented foam pads move and contour with your wrist and forearm to provide ultimate comfort and protection, while our Airflow design, featuring four-way stretch mesh zones and vented foam, maximize breathability.

  • Motion360 design and flexible pads for unrestricted movement
  • Great for batting and fielding
  • High impact dual density foam for max protection
  • Integrated antimicrobial technology
  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional wrist guards, the Ultra ShockSkin Wrist Guard is designed to flex and move with the natural shape of your wrist, allowing for unrestricted movement during play. This ensures that players can maintain their agility and dexterity without feeling constrained by bulky or rigid protection.
  • ShockSkin Vented Foam Pads: Integrated ShockSkin vented foam pads provide exceptional comfort and protection by moving and contouring with your wrist and forearm. This dynamic padding system absorbs and disperses impact forces, reducing the risk of injury while ensuring maximum comfort throughout the game.
  • Breathability: The Airflow design of the wrist guard incorporates four-way stretch mesh zones and vented foam, maximizing airflow and ventilation. This helps to regulate temperature and moisture, keeping players cool, dry, and comfortable even during intense gameplay.
  • Lightweight Construction: Despite its advanced protective features, the Ultra ShockSkin Wrist Guard remains lightweight, minimizing added bulk or weight that could impede performance. This allows players to focus on their game without feeling weighed down by cumbersome protective gear.

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