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Softball: Fastpitch or Slowpitch

Mass sport reserved for everyone but also for very high level. The National Past time in USA.

Softball is a team sport where individual performance is observed and appreciated. It is particularly developed in the United States where it is practiced from an early age and where players can become professionals. Softball can be practiced in two ways: with a fast pitch thrower or with a slow pitch thrower. It also allows a more fun approach to baseball and is practiced on smaller terrain.

Softball is a sport that requires little equipment, but of quality.

Softball Fastpitch or Slowpitch requires quality equipment to optimize individual performance, whether the bat, the ball or the glove. Thus, the Softball requires to have balls adapted to the level of play, in leather for the competition, in synthetic more resistant for the training, or even slightly more flexible to begin and practice while one is young or according to the activity sought ..  

Similarly, the player must choose a bat corresponding to his size, his morphology, his practice, his tastes: an aluminum bat or a composite bat ... DIAMSPORTS offers a wide range of varied length, diameter and weight, for adults and children.

The Softball Glove, wider than the Baseball Glove, must be shorter (up to 12 ") to play in the Infield (inner field) or longer to play in the Outfield (outer field). A Softball glove is designed to catch the ball, without striking the hand. Softball glove must be made of durable leather According to purists, this leather is better when stiff at the time of purchase, softened by training and eventually ready to play when the season start. Nowadays Manufacturers also offer "ready-to-play" gloves (softened at the factory).

DIAMSPORTS offers gloves for right or left-handed players, Infield or Outfield gloves, First base gloves and catcher mittens, gloves for adults and gloves for children, all of the best possible quality for the price.

Of course, the player must also wear appropriate and effective shoes, especially to run a "home run", this winning race, frenetic and short, with three right angles, without skidding. DIAMSPORTS offers metal "spikes" or molded soles, at your convenience and according to the rules of each competition.

And as it is safer to wear protections, especially against misplaced balls, DIAMSPORTS offers also helmet, cups, elbow-covers, sliding pants, leg-shield, chest-protection...for the batting position, for the receiver or for the umpire.


And as it is better to wear protections, especially against misplaced balls, DIAMSPORTS also offers helmets, cups, elbow guards, sliding pants, legs and chest guards, etc.. for the batters, for the receiver or the referee!


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