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Gift cards

Don't know what to give him or her for birthday or for Christmas?

Would you like to show him or her your affection?

To make sure to please, whatever the occasion, order him or her our e-gift card!

Choose the amount you want to offer: 25€, 50€ or more... at your convenience.

Diamsports gift cards are easy to offer and use. They're dematerialized.
Please choose the amount, indicate the recipient's email, pay...

and he (or she) receives an Email notifying him (or her) of the gift.

Some FAQ from Recipents :

  • How do I use my dematerialized gift card?
    You can enter the code associated with your gift card buying on-line or at the store.

  • Can I use multiple gift cards in the same order?
    You can use several gift cards within an on-line order, and at the store too.

  • What happens if I return goods?
    If you return your order, your gift card is set back to the value it had before this use.
    The value of the gift card cannot be exchanged for the cash, neither reimbursed.

  • How many times can I use it?
    The gift card can only be used once and only during its validity period,
    which is one year from the time it is issued.

  • My code is refused. What for?
    To place your order, identify yourself exclusively by the email on which you received your gift.
    Check your entry. Also consider checking to see if your gift card is still valid.